czwartek, 3 października 2013


  Fallout - Maybe - The Ink Spots


Fallout - Metallic Monks (Lost Hills)


Fallout - Desert Wind (The Wasteland)


Fallout - Traders Life (The Hub)


Fallout - Vault of the Future (Vault 13) 


Fallout - Industrial Junk (Junktown)


Fallout - Moribund World (World Map)


Fallout - Vats of Goo (Mariposa Military Base)


Fallout - City of the Dead (Necropolis) 


Fallout - Second Chance (Shady Sands)

Fallout - Underground Troubles (Caves) 


Fallout - City of Lost Angels (Boneyard)


Fallout - Followers Credo - (Los Angeles Public Library)


Fallout - Radiation Storm (The Glow)


Fallout - Acolytes of the New God (The Cathedral)


Fallout - Flame of the Ancient World (Los Angeles Vault)


Fallout - Khans of New California (Khan Base) 


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